Severin ES 3559 Power Juicer Review

This model is a domestic juicer that can handle the juicing task for the full family. The best nutritious plan and the door to the radiant health of any age group are with the fresh juice of fruits and vegetables. It is quite obvious that both cooking and the processed food lose their nutrients to certain extend which can otherwise be maintained by juicing. Knowing the fact that about 6 servings of fruits and vegetables are essential daily requirement and such appliance will help you with the job of juicing. The following is the review of Severin ES 3559 600 Watts Juicer and it brings out the answers to the lot many questions about the product.

Design Overview:

This Severin Juicer model is attractive at the first look and it takes the finish with the combination of stainless steel and black colour. The finish is superior that it keeps out the stains and finger prints away. Taken as a whole the size of the appliance is compact and it makes handling easy. It is as compact as can be placed in the place of a medium plate. Severin ES 3559 Centrifugal Juicer does have a modern look and it turns out to be the preference of any house hold. The dimension is 422mm in height, 346mm in width and 232mm in depth. Not a heavy one to worry but can be easily shift places and also extracting from the cupboards when ever required is possible.

Technology, Power and Speed:

This juicer belongs to the centrifugal technology which does juicing automatically. It works with the power of 600 watts and this powerful motor can easily handle tough and hard fruits and vegetables. In this centrifugal model cutting or chopping of the food is not essential and it takes the food as a whole and it does the complete process. The motor is powerful and in this technology of operation is capable of extracting more juice from the same input. Hence seems to be better as it provides better nutrients to the user. This model operates in the variable speed and the speed control is a rotary knob which allows the settings. The speed control is of 2 levels, the high and the low. It is based on the quantity, type and the time of juicing that dictates the speed levels. The maximum speed setting is 19200 rpm which makes juicing quicker and it proves to be a less tedious task. This speed in rpm measurement is much higher than even the larger models of other brands.


Pulp Container – This model has the advantage of large pulp container. It can hold the capacity of 2 litres and is located on the rear side. Without much of bothering the pulp container can be ignored during the full process as it comfortably holds on till the juicing process is completed. This is a main criterion for uninterrupted juicing. It is made of high grade plastic material and is black in colour. It can also be detached for cleaning and maintenance.

Juice Jar – The juice container can take up the capacity of 1 litre. It comes with the transparent finish and has clear markings of the levels for the user to understand the amount of juice filled in. without much waste of time for cleaning the juice collector is cleverly designed by not dripping even a drop as the juice collector sits close to the appliance. It is also easily detachable and maintained with the help of the dishwasher.

Feeding tube – Present in this model is a large size feeding tube and for the beginners who are new to this appliance should understand the importance of the feeding tube as it allows you to directly feed in the full fruit and vegetable without the need of cutting down. This model serves well for this purpose and can be used for most types of juicing foods.

Micro filter – This is the unique aspect of the juicer as when the extracted juice is pushed through the micro mesh filter it comes out ready to drink status. This filter is made of stainless steel material which is a high durable one.

Safety – The safety of both the device and for the user is been well maintained. It comes with a lock system that holds it tight and avoids accidental fall. The motor is also highly safeguarded as it stops functioning once the appliance is opened.


Severin ES 3559 Stainless Steel Juicer has many more features that keep it going successful. The motor embedded is powered with 600 Watts yet gives a noiseless functioning. The air-cooled motor is safe for indoor use and is applicable for the continuous use of the family requirement. It has a pilot light which illuminates when the appliance starts functioning and intimates the power on status of the juicer. Further the non-slip feet come as an additional safety feature which is essential for the small and light weight appliance to avoid tripping down. All of these put together it ranks high and is been seen to be one of the most preferred model of the users. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned easily otherwise. Understanding the benefits of juicing coupled with owning of this model makes the going great both healthier and tastier.

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Severin ES 3559 Professional Power Juicer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Severin
Model Name ES 3559 Power Juicer
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 422 x 346 x 232 mm
Juicing method Centrifugal
Colour/Finish Silver and black
Chute Yes
Pulp container 2 litres
Integrated cord storage Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Extra large feeding tube Yes
Micro-mesh filter Stainless steel micro strainer and cutter
Pusher Yes
Safety locking system Yes
Foam separator Yes
Variable speed control Yes
Speeds 2 speed control
Corrosion resistant Yes
Disassembly level Easy
Power 600 watts
Maximum speed 19200 rpm
Motor speciality Noiseless and air cooled
Juice container capacity 1 litre
Micro-mesh filter Stainless steel


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