Winter Wellness Kit

Each Wellness Kit Contains:

Tea, Essence, Sage, Bath Salts, Crystals and a Candle.


Winter is Kidney season which connects to the element of water and the planet Mercury.

They say that the kidneys hold the universe inside us. The kidneys produce the essence jing, which is created from the beginning. My brother taught me that the kidneys represent the source of the original fire and water.  They represent our past, our present, and our future development. So use this as a time to hibernate and connect with that essence.... our soul.  Write, meditate and listen to what resonates with your inner self.  Mercury is in fact the planet of communication, expression and where our mind goes.  If you are creating or want to create something soulful then use the winter to connect and plan before our bossy liver takes over in the spring and moves everything into action! Remember Kidneys also rule the emotion of fear but I say what you really want is on the other side of fear. Use the last couple of weeks of lung time to release the fear.

Your kidneys will thank you.