Blue Moon Ceremony & Women's Circle

Blue Moon Ceremony

The first Blue Moon of 2018 and in 2.5 years! A Blue Moon holds more power and energy then a standard full moon. It's a great time to connect to the divine and our emotions (as blue is symbolic of water which holds our emotions) for long term results. This is a perfect time to put forth a plan to move forward in certain aspects in of our life that might have presented challenges. Blue is the colour of communication and great healing. Connecting this with the feminine energy of the moon will be a powerful time for scared communication. 

During this evening we will also experience a lunar eclipse making this moon a Super Blood Moon. This hasn't happened in 150 years! It's going to be awesome. 

Come together to support, share wisdom, and hold space for each other.

The evening will include:
Moon Ceremony and Meditation 

Story sharing in a sacred women's circle. 

Please bring a journal and a mat or pillow to be comfortable. Everything for the ceremony will be provided. 
These circles are held monthly at Moonshine Juicery by Corina.
Jan 31st
7-9ish pm