Plant Alchemy and Our Vision to Wellness

At Moonshine Juicery, we are inspired by the vibe of the moon and respect everything living on this planet. We use only pure and organic, plant-sourced ingredients. This is important because nutrients are instantly absorbed from cold-pressed juice and herbal tonics, therefore it's critical that no chemicals or pesticides are used.

Our juices have been developed not only to taste good, but each one has a purpose and benefit for wellness, mainly using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a formulation guideline. The ingredients in each juice have been combined to be complementary for optimal absorption and digestion and have been selected with an organ system in mind. The name, colour, ingredients, and essences are all connected. Additionally, the flower and crystal essences have been added to charge the juice. We strongly believe that optimal wellness is the balanced synergy between body, mind and spirit. 

Our cafe is located in a beautiful restored barn from the 1800s. We offer vegetarian to-go food, vegan cheese and wellness products. We do our best to work with local farmers.