Moonshine Juicery was developed in my mind years ago... but it's all about timing.

I believe there is more than just the nutritional aspect of food and plants. Like an alchemist, I believe there is also energy around all living things that has great power and awareness, which feeds our life-force or Qi.

Therefore, I see the medicinal or physical part of a plant being beneficial to the physical part of the body and the essence or energy of a plant (or anything) being beneficial to the energetic or emotional aspect of self. I believe the magic happens when these modalities are combined. I have applied this personal belief to my way of living for years and now, to Moonshine Juicery.  

 My Background

I was trained in a very clinical setting, so at my core, I'm a scientist. I have a degree in clinical nutrition and food chemistry and 15+ years of experience working with over 70 companies in the natural health product sector.

I co-founded and formulated GliSODin Skin Nutrients, a leading professional nutricosmetic line (supplements for skin and beauty), have published clinical work, written editorial and blogs for magazines and industry leaders, and I'm recognized internationally as an expert formulator, specifically in skin health and anti-aging. I like to combine many different modalities together to achieve optimal health and wellness. I have been very fortunate to work with amazing health and wellness experts and have pieced together my own practice from each one. I'm especially drawn to TCM. One of my main goals in everything I create is to reduce inflammation, as it's typically the root of all health issues, and aging in general. The other is to formulate in a way that allows your body to heal so that you feel good. 

I started noticing the moon when I was younger. My older brother, who is a doctor in TCM and just super awesome (my younger brother is awesome too), taught me to be aware of its cycles, how it affected me and everything else and to draw from its energy and power. I can still hear him say, "Ask for what you want, Porkchop. Be specific and say it with intention." Now I use this awareness to create meaning in my life, hence the name Moonshine. I love the moon, and I think everything is about energy. 

I am an avid advocate for healthy, plant-based eating... I love animals!  LOVE travelling, David Bowie, my dog Ziggy, coffee, flowers, crystals, and love in general. 

xx- Corina