Oscar 930 Pro Juicer Review with full buying guide

Oscar has reinvented the whole wheel by turning on the ends of Single Auger Juicer, giving it a juicer screen having a much bigger surface area. And the result has been quite spectacular – the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer which is able to enable gravity to press on the juice through much faster compared to the likes of a traditional masticating juicer. So the larger juicing screen speeds up the juice flow. The Oscar 930 Pro has all the making of a classy slow speed juicer and is able to produce juice as fast as a centrifugal juicer machine with the production of yield as good as its VitalMax DA 900. Oscar was pretty clear of its end users when it brought out the 930 Pro Juicer as this machine fast went on to become a top choice for restaurants and juice bars. As it is designed to fit well on any kitchen worktop, it became an obvious choice for serious home enthusiast. Like it or not, let us talk about the Oscar 930 Pro in the subsequent review.

First Impression:

When we were first introduced to the Oscar 930, we were smitten. The Oscar 930 Pro Juicer is known to the consumers in the US as Hurom Slow Juicer HU-100. It is gratifying to know that the Oscar 930 is built by the same manufacturer in Korea who had originally manufactured its gear juicer. Guess what, it immediately captured our attention owing to the fabulous track record. Built with a self-feeding chute, the leading edge of auger slices and takes in leafy greens, fruits and veggies quite well and grinds them between the wider surface areas of the juicing screen and auger. The juicer shares some commonalities with the Omega VERT VRT330, though with subtle variations. Both the juicers are built in the same manufacturing plant in Korea, though sold and marketed under different brand names. So only a fine line differentiates the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer with the Omega VRT330. But this said, you can always choose between the pricing and the branding and this of course should not be a baffling decision.


The weight of the machine prevents it from ‘running’ when in operation. The machine is pretty heavy at 11.5 pounds which makes it relatively stable. And this is predominantly because of the mighty motor-gearbox combo just at the heart of the juicing machine.

The build-up:

Built for heavy juicing, the Oscar 930 Pro Tabletop style juicer is an eye-grabber in two brilliant colours – Chrome or white finish. The build quality is pretty convincing making use of commercial grade, high quality materials. Built with Food-Grade poly carbonate & BPA-free melamine, the material is non-toxic and is relatively easy to maintain. There are not much moving parts and cleaning the machine is a doddle. Constructed to last, the Oscar Pro is durable enough to withstand even the heaviest of commercial use.

Designed with a small footprint, the high speed juicer does not eat up much of the space on the kitchen worktop and that is a big sigh of relief with users who are pressed for space. It is noticeably quiet as you would expect in any other slow speed juicer machine. And that’s not all as it has a lot more tricks in its bag.

Coming to the actual design, the Oscar 930 Pro is a single auger juicer and is obviously a total re-think of traditional juicer design. The manufacturer is of the claim that the auger is so tough, that it is about 8 times supposedly harder than the auger of several other single gear juicers that we had tested. The juicer is laid out upright with the gearbox and motor under the juicing drum. This gives the machine a bigger feed tube and larger drum diameter. The juicer machine gives you semi commercial operation and despite the fact that it is built short of a large whole feed fruit tube, it does provide quiet operation and pretty swift juicing, thanks to its big kidney shaped feed tube. You will find a handle on the side built to help easily carry or move the heavy unit, so the juicer is appreciably portable.

The quality is evident even in the juicing parts that are generously moulded and look chunky. So, you can expect a whole lot of quality juice from the upper end of the machine. The machine itself feels well built, heavy and squat. It is quite easy to strip and make use of a smart counter that rotates an internal squeegee wiping the inside of the drum and the juicer screen. This clever bit of design keeps the machine clean and minimises the cleaning part. The big juice strainer comes with an attachment, unique in every way in that it has silicon wiper blades which clean up the sides of the bowl. The self-cleaning mechanism saves you a bit of time, making cleaning-up a lot easier.


In contrast to other conventional centrifugal speed juicers, the Oscar 930 Pro juicer can retain 60% more enzymes and nutrients in its juice extract. The juicer is powerfully driven by a 70 RPM Single phase induction motor along with a cooling fan and capacitor. It requires a voltage of 90-240V for operation. The construction of the machine is such that there is no real horizontal stress on the motor.

Feed chute:

The Oscar 930 Pro juicer measures 40cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 25cm (H), the feed chute opening is wide at about 2.25″ x 1.25″ and this means you need to slice up the fruits lengthwise. The pulp jug measures 12cm (L) x 9cm (W). We did try pushing in the carrot first and subsequently cucumber cutting it lengthwise into 4 pieces and did we mention that it was as easy as pie. This perhaps could also save your preparation time. Though you have a food pusher supplied by the manufacturer, most things you push in would go down by gravity and therefore is self-feeding.  Therefore, you may need the food pusher only when have to push in leafy vegetables and other veggies that will have trouble going down the chute. There is no need to make use of the tamper unless there is any block in the feeding chute.

Silicone brushes & seal:

The silicone brushes rotate in the opposite direction to the auger and sweeps the juice off the juicer screen and stops the blocking of the screen, giving you an increased rate of flow. The brushes make sure the inside of the juice bowl is spic and span. The pressure applied by the silicone seal at the small pulp outlet yields a much drier pulp.

How does the Oscar 930 Pro work?

The Oscar 930 Pro Juicer employs Low Speed Technology System (patented LSTS) and as we mentioned earlier in the review, it falls into the ‘Slow Juicer’ range because it works at only 70 RPM and not like a centrifugal juicer in the 3000~7000 RPM range. But do not get goofed up by the name as it can actually does its intended work of extracting juicer much quicker than the centrifugal version and gives out a much drier pulp with a high rate of yield.

The manufacturer has only built upon the single-gear juicer mechanism giving the machine an upright construction. The auger is roundish and fat instead of the long auger that we are so accustomed to in other types of gear juicers. You do not need to wait for twin gears or single auger to slowly chip away at pieces of veggies and fruits while applying downward pressure to the tamper. The machine is nicely balanced and the single auger does not wobble around turning evenly beside the motor. There is a bigger surface area on the auger and this means increased grinding of the pulp.

The gear sits pretty fine in the juicing chamber and does its job of crushing food stuffs to nicety. Before it expels the pulp out, it receives a second pressing and an extra bit of squeezing producing maximum yield. The extraction method is apparently pressing and masticating (courtesy, its screw-like auger). Do not expect the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer to break up woody steams, tough leathery skins and hard seeds must not be fed into this juicer either.  It is always recommended to slice hard large veggies including beetroot and carrot into smaller chunks to avoid putting too much pressure or strain on the juicing parts.

The mechanism tear opens the cell membranes of the produce, releasing its deep-seated enzymes and nutrients. Further the break up of more phytonutrients from your produce results in a much richer, coloured juice extract that is also rich in minerals and nutrients. The slower RPM makes sure that it does not bring about any disruption of the cellular structure of the veggies and fruits. This process eliminates oxidation of juices and this means the precious nutrients and enzymes are preserved in its pristine, natural form.

Quality of the juice:

You will be one satisfied customer when it comes to the quality of the juice yield. It can extract anything you put into it till the last drop. The pulp that is ejected is so dry that it even makes us say that it is drier than most other single-gear juicer machines available on the market. Thanks to the dual-stage juicing which gives the pulp an extra squeeze to make sure every single drop of juice is extracted. Contrast its yield with a centrifugal juicer and you can see it soaring as much as 50% higher than the later. The high extraction rate of the Oscar 930 pro Electric Juicer can put any other single-gear juicer to shame. If you haven’t tasted the juice produced from a gear juicer before, you will appreciate how concentrated, delicious and sweet a juice that the Oscar can give you.

The juice is highly stable and never does it separate due to the nutrients/enzymes that are extracted with your juice. The juice may last for a few hours if you store it properly in the refrigerator, without any issues of oxidation (although it is recommended you drink the juice at once). Do not get carried away by sellers online claiming that there is no frothing/foaming in the juice, as on testing we found there is still a fair bit of froth and if you do not like it a wee bit, you may need to run the extract through another filter or sieve to get away with the froth/foam. Like all well-built gear juicers, the Oscar 930 can help reduce chemicals and pesticides in your juice. And imagine how much you can save from not having organic?

Assembly of parts is a doddle:

There are basically five parts when you need to assemble the juicer. The boxed pack comes with 2 strainers. If you need less amount of pulp in your juice, then go with the white one having finer holes. The yellow strainer with the larger holes allows you to have more pulp in the juice.  The Oscar 930 features an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that helps you save time. For example when you are done with juicing a carrot, you may pour in a cup of water and allow it to run and self-clean. Then follow it up with the next sort of juice, green leafy vegetables for instance, such that you do not mix the taste, colour and flavour. You can take all the parts apart and rinse them under running water without finding any corner difficult to reach. The strainer might be the only part that takes a little bit of time for washing with the brush provided. Though the juicing parts are non-dishwasher proof, the process of washing up should consume only about 2-3 minutes once you are used to it and overall, it should give you a joyful juicing experience.

Beware of misinformation:

You can find a lot of links to other YouTube videos with demos of the juicer. People are so enthused about the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer that they come out with many of their own YouTube videos on the web to show how easy and fast it is to use it, besides making comparison with other juicers. While they are quite helpful (alright!), watch out for some people who are inadvertently giving you misinformation on the Oscar 930. For example, there is a video which shows as if it features a mincing function if you remove the silicone rung, which in fact it doesn’t! And there are other videos that show the juicer being used counter to the brand’s instructions or users forcing the food into the machine the manner other twin gear and single auger juicers are being used. As we mentioned earlier in the review, there is hardly any need to make use of the tamper to push the fruits or veggies into the juicer as most food when you feed or drop into the chute is pulled into the machine at its own rate. This is easier and quicker on both the user as well as the juicer. Remember that pushing does not speed up the process of juicing and only applies additional, undue pressure on the Oscar juicer. So whatever be it, count on the manufacturer’s instructions as they are the one who knows the best.

Warranty Details:

The manufacturer offers you a domestic warranty of 20 years on motor and 5 years on parts and labour. The commercial warranty goes like 3 years on motor and 3 years on parts and labour.


The space saving Oscar Pro juicer can juice everything, even wheatgrass. With larger juicing strainers, wider augers (than horizontal single auger juicing machines), silicone brushes sweeping around the strainers, juicing bowl (to keep them tidy) and fast flowing juice, it comes as no real surprise if the Oscar 930 Pro is tagged both as a commercial and household appliance. Not to mention its high effectiveness and reasonable price tag (for some it may be high!) pertaining to usage and functionalities. And here are some test results to wrap things up: The Oscar 930 yielded greater amount of juice, a tad higher than its close contender, the Oscar Vital Max 900. The Oscar Pro yielded 38.5 oz of carrot juice to the VitalMax DA 900 Juicer’s 37 oz and mind you at a surprising nippy rate. Finally, you will be amazed at just how silent it works, particularly if you are someone who is used to the raucous noise of centrifugal juicers. What a welcome change indeed!

Oscar 930 Pro Juicer – Product Specification Table

Manufacturer Oscar
Model Name Oscar 930 Pro Juicer
Alternate model name Hurom Slow Juicer HU-100 (in the US)
Dimensions General: 40cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 25 (H)
Feed chute opening: 2.25″ x 1.25″
Pulp jug: 12cm (L) x 9cm (W)
Type of Juicer Gear juicer (Single auger juicer)
Juicing Action Masticating
Material Poly carbonate, Melamine
Available colours Chrome or white finish
Weight 11.5 pounds
Technology Cold Pressed juice
Motor 0.33 hp Single phase induction, 70RPM, 90-240V
Main Parts Hopper, Auger, Strainers (white/yellow),
Auto cleaning Silicone brush, Bowl, Pusher
Speeds Low
Best Use Wheatgrass, vegetables, fruits, soaked nuts,
leafy greens, pulses, beans, grains (for drinks)
Dishwasher safe No (Juicing parts & Motor)
Design features Table top style
Slower RPM
Kidney shaped large feeding chamber
Wide Feed chute
Handle on the side
Self-cleaning mechanism
Feeder: Pusher & Funnel
Warranty Domestic: 20 years (Motor), 5 years (Parts & Labour)
Commercial: 3 years (Motor), 3 years (Parts & Labour)

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