Lexen Manual Healthy Wheatgrass Juicer

We hope you enjoyed reading the previous review on a Single gear juicer type. Though it can juice wheatgrass a great extent, our review team brings you the Wheatgrass Juicer from Lexen primarily because of the excellent health beneficial properties of wheatgrass juice.  So how does it benefit one’s health? Continue reading the review on Lexen Manual Healthy Wheatgrass Juicer to find out more about its function and use.

Not just a wheatgrass juicer:

This juicer is basically a wheatgrass juicer, but it can also accept parsely, spinach, and other leafy greens making it a multifunctional wheatgrass juicer. It is a manual juicer by design, which means that no electrical power is required to operate it and can be actually brought anywhere. We found it so compact and lightweight that you can take it with you just about anywhere. We found that almost all parts of the Lexen manual juicer are made of non-toxic, tough, FDA-approved Polycarbonate which is practically durable and makes it an eco-friendly choice for a juicer. The parts of the juicer that take the most beating including the inserts found on the auger end cap & auger tip is made out of stainless steel. This is where the maximum crushing force is exerted and will last several years without any wear and tear.

High nutrient level:

The Lexen Healthy Manual Wheatgrass Juicer Machine crushes the veggies and fruits instead of grinding them to extract as much juice as possible. Also, there is not much heat generated with the juicer compared to other juicers because it does short work of crushing the plant cell walls and releasing their enzymes without reducing the nutrient value as plant enzymes generally do the work of breaking down and absorbing the nutrients.

Good for travelling:

The healthy juicer is 7.5 inches high by 8.5 inches long. The handle is about 8 inches long and the base is only 4.25 inches across. So the juicer is really portable and compact enough to take with you when travel.

Patented suction base:

The White Colour Healthy juicer comes with a patented suction base that is rated at over 100lbs (45kg) of force. The new enhanced combo of clamp and suction base (unique suction system) of the juicer can securely attach to almost any table or kitchen counter, so it needs no extra hands to keep it in place while blending. The manufacturer has now included a durable, chrome plated metal clamp that is corrosion proof and can be made use of by itself or together with the patented suction base. The juicer comes without any metal cutting screens having several hundreds of small holes that would clog up and it should be scrubbed using a brush repeatedly. The remaining pulp will be easily pushed out of the end cap’s front part into the special bowl for a trouble-free disposal.


One of the downsides of the juicer is that the hopper is comparatively small which suggests you have to reload the produce frequently. Though generally this appears to be a problem with most masticating juicers, the manufacturer can look to making the hopper somewhat bigger than it actually is.


Turning the handle seems easy for leafy vegetables and a bit of effort is required for carrots, radishes and hard veggies. This said, you should first cut them into smaller pieces. The juicer seems to groan when tried with red cabbages, especially with larger pieces. This shows that the effort required for juicing depends on the size of the piece. With smaller pieces, minimum turning effort is needed and moreover the produce does not require pushing. This allows you to feed and crank up the handle both at the same time and makes the process pretty much faster. Just sprinkle a little bit of olive oil when you are juicing cabbage. This could reduce the groaning caused by the friction between the juicer body and rubbery leaves.


There is a separate plunger tool that helps you to push the veggies into the juicer’s large mouthed opening. The plunger can also act effectively as a useful lever to help in fitting and taking out the patented suction base. Also a wrench is integrated that will help you in tightening or loosening the machine’s end cap cover. A regular 16 ounces juice collecting cup and juice strainer are also supplied to hold the juice that is produced from wheatgrass, veggies or fruits. The removable strainer offers you the choice of not getting rid of the extract pulp.


The Lexen juicer is not fully assembled and even the instructions provided are not clear and partially complete. A few customers have complained that the instructions have often led to improper assembly and there is all likelihood of customers returning the juicer thinking it is faulty or broken. Therefore, proper assembly should make the Healthy juicer operate correctly to give you the best optimal results and the reason why we have taken the pains to list out the instructions in detail.

First, two auger bushings should be placed onto the auger end, which is a spiral white piece and this end should be inserted into the body of the juicer (clear tubular juice).  Now, clear washer should be put into the machine’s green cap, if you find one not previously in place. Now the green cap is to be twisted onto the juicer’s main body. Keep on tightening this using the built-in wrench till it is firm. Look out as over tightening may crack this piece. Next, you small white cap should be placed on the green cap and you should tighten it strongly by hand and be careful lest you over tighten it.

While attaching the entirely assembled body to the juicer base, ensure that the locking knob (green colour) that you see on the sides of the juicer’s base is always in the ‘release’ position.  After pushing the machine body all along into the juicer’s base, twist the knob into the ‘locked’ position to tightly secure the juicer’s body.
Make sure the knob turns easily and not by force. If you think you are applying too much pressure onto the knob, just stop and ensure you have pushed the main body all the way into the base.

Use the clamp provided to attach the base and you may need to tighten the clamp if the cabinets do not stick out too far. Therefore, tighten it until it hardly gets into both the base as well as on the cabinet, then clamp is to be slid all along into the juicer’s base, besides keep tightening the rest of the way. The clamp is to be inserted completely into the base in order that the handle does not hit the clamp as it’s turned. The handle can be attached by tightening onto that component of the juicer’s auger that sticks out close to the clamp. Place the bucket provided with a mesh screen below the spout, which is nothing but the hole on the top of the clamp and place a little bowl just below the white end of the cap.

Maximum juice extract:

The amount of juice that the juicer extracts is quite amazing compared to other centrifugal juicers. The above picture shows two samples of wheatgrass after being run through two different types of juicers. The top one is run through with a typical metal juicer and shows like still having blades of grass that have not been thoroughly crushed. The bottom sample that looks like a piece of rope is from the Health juicer which is completely dry with the last bit of juice extracted!

Wash instructions:

The Healthy juicer is simpler in design with fewer parts. The juicer takes just minutes to dismantle and clean. This of course we count it as a pro. Clean the parts directly after using the juicer by rinsing them with warm soapy water.

Use & Care:

Ensure you got all the important parts for assembly including the white end of the caps, clear nylon washers and auger bushings. Look out if you have 3 nylon washers (one must be on the interior of the green cap), 2 auger bushings and 2 small end caps. As mentioned earlier, cut the hard vegetables into smaller parts.

This does not mean it requires perfect julienne, but just a quick, sloppy chop would do the trick. Even so, this requires a bit of effort. If your priority is not juicing leafy greens but hard veggies, then you will be better off with the electric type Healthy juicer.

Instructional DVD:

Get bonus DVD with video instructions that demonstrate how to use the juicer. Besides, watching the DVD is fun with healthy recipes, helpful tips and also an easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to cultivate your own wheatgrass at home for juicing!

Quality Certification:

The juicer is approved and sold by the Hippocarates health institute, one of the world’s top alternative health centres since 1956.


The Health juicer is covered under a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

In a nutshell:

What we like: Several tests proved that the juice from the Health juicer has much little dryer pulp to the likes of expensive centrifugal juicers. The weight, ease of use & cleaning and the cost give it a cut above the rest. It consumes less counter/table space than a small plate and scores over others in terms of portability. 30 ml of freshly squeezed juice has as much nutritional value as nearly one kg of fresh green vegetables in mineral, vitamin and amino acid content. The manual juicer can give you a little arm exercise too! Finally, here are some of the benefits that you may get out of having wheatgrass juice regularly:

  • Cleansing of the colon
  • Detoxification of the liver
  • Increases energy boost
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increased blood purification as Chlorophyll having the same molecular structure to haemoglobin (a component of blood)
  • Chlorophyll  rich
  • Contains 97 enzymes, Vitamins B-6, B-12, C & K, beta-carotene, phytochemicals and minerals useful in cancer treatment
  • Experience less colds with increased resistance to infection
  • More protein composition per ounce than beef

Lexen Manual Healthy Wheatgrass Juicer – Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Lexen
Model Name Lexen Manual Healthy Wheatgrass Juicer
Type of Juicer Wheatgrass Juicer
Juicing Action Manual Masticating
Best use Juicing wheatgrass/leafy greens
Weight 3 Pounds
Available colour White
Items to avoid Carrots, radishes & hard vegetables
Material of Body Polycarbonate plastic
Material of juicer parts Stainless steel (only End cap & tip of auger)
Toxic-free parts Yes
FDA-approved Yes
Electrical power Not required (Manual)
Operation level Easy
Lightweight/compact Yes
Nutrient level High
Juice extract (Yield) High
Crushing action High
Suction base Yes (patented suction base)
Suction base Rating Over 100lbs (45kg)
Suction system Combo Suction / Clamp Base
Metal clamp Chrome plated (corrosion free)
Metal cutting screens No
Clogging up level Low
Juice loss Low
Pulp/Fibre level Low
Portability Easy
Cleaning level Easy
Work space consumption Low
Waste pulp discharge Easy (special bowl)
Juice collecting cup Yes (capacity: 16oz juice)
Hopper Yes (small)
Strainer Yes  (removable)
Handle Yes
Assembly level Easy (self-assembly)
Disassembly level Easy
Friction-less operation Yes
Main Parts Auger bushings (2), Washers (3) , End Caps (2),
Clamp, Knob, Bucket, Plunger, Sieve, Juice spout,
Bowl (small), Wrench
Washing instructions Warm soapy water rinse
Instructions Instructional DVD
Quality Certification Approved by Hippocarates health institute
Chamber 7.5″ (H) x 8.5″(L)
Handle 8″ (L)
Base 4.25″
Highlight features Multifunctional wheatgrass juicer
No electrical power required
Maximum crushing force on End cap & tip of auger
Heat build-up is less
Better crushing of plant cell walls & release of enzymes
Securely attaches to smooth kitchen counter/table
Consumes less counter/table space
Less handle turning/produce pushing effort
Stainless Steel Grinding Plate
Suitable for travelling
Patented suction base (Power Locking Base) & auger
Manufacturer warranty 1 Year


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