Winter Wellness Cleanse


❄NEW- WINTER WELLNESS CLEANSE❄ 3 DAY KIT Winter is Kidney season which connects to the element of water and the planet Mercury. They say that the kidneys hold the universe inside us. Our essence (jing)  is produce by the kidneys and created from the beginning. My brother taught me that the kidneys represent the source of the original fire and water.  They represent our past our present and our future development.  Kidney season is one of my favourites. It's a time to hibernate and do some soul-searching. If there is something you want to create, this is the time to listen to yourself as you can connect deeply to your essence during this time. It is best to put things in action in the spring however, liver time. BUT if you don't do the work now then the liver will not know how to divert its energy and stagnation happens. 

This kit will nourish the kidneys so qi can flow. The herbs and food have been specifically selected as medicine for the kidneys. 


  • More energy
  • Clear thoughts
  • Connection to self 
  • Digestive support
  • Immune support
  • Lymphatic drainage 
  • Reduces stress and fear
  • Prepares the liver


  • 3- Winterberry Elixirs
  • 3- Sun Juice
  • 3- Herbal Infusions
  • 3- Soups (Squash - vegan and organic)
  • 1- Essential Oil/MCT nutritive tincture
  • Crystals
  •  1- Winter Ritual and Food Guides


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Pick up only:JAN 4th 10-4pm for this promotion 

Will be available throughout the Winter for regular orders