Moonbabe Kit - Full Moon

This kit is full of love and healing. Release toxins and the emotional ‘blah’ that is holding you back.

The full moon challenges our emotions and asks us to have awareness and realization of our true desires. It's a time to release the things which do not serve us, and to let go of the BS in our life to make room for abundance, passion, meaningful relationships and joy. It also fuels our creativity so it's a good time to channel ideas for a project you are working on.

This kit is best taken around the full moon but can be taken any time. The flower and crystal essences will help the emotional aspect while the plants do the physical work. 

Two-day plan. All juices provided. Instructions and crystals included.

Juices include:

2 Stardust

2 Ether

2 Alchemy

2 Pink Milks