Half Moon Kit- Detox

Physical, emotional and mental wellness are all influenced by the way we process things – process our thoughts, foods, and feelings. And trust me, they are all connected!

Each organ system is connected to physical and emotional processes, which are surrounded by an array of energy meridians that flow through our entire body. Well, this is the hope at least –  that the energy is flowing. Certain life traumas, insecurities, worries, ego and perceived notions can interfere with the flow of this Qi (life force) causing blockages, which affect our health and well-being in many ways.

Doing a cleanse can be a metabolic reset and rejuvenate our entire being to allow the processing to happening more efficiently. 

The kit starts with spleen qi and supports the liver and digestive system. 

We don't believe in not eating during a cleanse. Just be smart about your food choices. Go with brown rice, fermented foods, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits and chose organic if you can. No meat, please and thank you!


2 day plan . all juices provided . instructions included 

Juices include:

2 Stardust

2 Earth

2 Alchemy

2 Blue Majik Adaptogen Protein Milk