Moonshine Cleanse Kit - 3 Day

Physical, emotional and mental wellness are all influenced by the way we process things – process our thoughts, foods, and emotions.

Each organ system is connected to physical and emotional processes, which are surrounded by an array of energy meridians that flow through our entire body. Certain life traumas, insecurities, worries, and perceived notions can interfere with the flow of this Qi (life force) causing blockages, which affect our health and well-being in many ways.

Other factors such as food, stress, alcohol, environmental pollutants and chemicals can all cause toxic build up in the body. Toxins are stubborn and love to hide in our fat cells and tissues causing inflammation and damage. Seasonal detoxification programs can significantly reduce the negative effects of toxins in our bodies, such as:

  • skin blemishes or dull skin
  • sluggish metabolism
  • sleep problems
  • poor digestion
  • weight gain
  • low energy levels.

Doing our Moonshine Cleanse can be a metabolic reset and rejuvenate our entire being to allow the processing to happen more efficiently. This cleanse starts with spleen qi and supports the liver, lymphatic and digestive system.

All of our products are organic and made fresh in house. We recommend a plant-based diet during this program. We will provide instructions and food guidelines.

Cleanse kit includes:

Sun Juice

Celery Juice

Earth Juice

Oat Milk

Detox Herbal Tonic

Gluten Free Overnight Oats

Blue Lemonade

Food Guidelines

Ritual Guidelines

*Developed by a clinical nutritionist