Braun MPZ 6 Citrus Press Review – Complete Review On Braun MPZ6

About Braun MPZ6 Citromatic Citrus Press:

Braun, an award-winning brand is never short of quality performance and innovation. Having bagged the ‘Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2009′ award, Braun has transformed itself to become one of the most popular brands for the kitchen and household products including Juicers & Citrus Presses. This time around, we will take you through Braun Multiquick 3 Citrus Juicer (MPZ 6) that can extract vitamin-rich juices thoroughly in no time and just how you like to have them.

Powered by 20-60 watt motors, we feel that the Braun MPZ 6 Citromatic Citrus Press is definitely a huge improvement over hand juicers. The only downside is that the juicer is limited to only juicing citrus; they are not at all good at making anything except citrus juice.

Citrus juicers:

Before we get into what makes this Braun MPZ6 Citromatic Citrus Juicer amongst the top available models, maybe a brief explanation would be in order. A Citrus juicer is neither an all-purpose juicer nor a blender. All Citrus juicers have a reamer, basically a ribbed dome on which we can place half citrus for juicing, whether they are manual or electric.

This Braun Citromatic Citrus Press allows you to enjoy the excitingly fresh taste of refreshing orange, tangerine, grapefruit, and mandarin besides other citrus juices and savour the wide range of complex vitamin C, as nature intended. All Braun Citromatic Models thrive on a simple principle – ‘Compact design, easy handling and cleaning’.

Design features:

The MPZ 6 Citromatic Citrus Press come only in one colour – white with the housing made of plastic and without doubt, compact in design and fairly easy to clean. The Citromatic Citrus Press is a Reamer-type Electric juice maker that is plugged into a power outlet to automatically ream out the liquid content of the citrus fruit. The bottom line is that they have the capacity to make more juice from citrus and tend to be less messy when extracting large quantities of orange or lemon juice. This means you do not have to squeeze the juice hard out by hand and no longer worry about pits or not getting enough juice out of the fruit.


The Braun Citromatic MPZ6 Juicer comes with an adjustable pulp control by which you can turn the juice container at its base and the opening where the pulp is actually held back can be adjusted, either widened or narrowed. Therefore, citrus fruits be it from mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes, you can decide the right amount of pulp content in your juice for serving kids at breakfast or for cocktails for guests at home in the evenings. Note that the fruit pulp content is higher at the left, dark end and lower at the right, light end of the pulp scale.

Removing the juicer top was pretty easy for us. It also comes with a left and right reamer rotation for greater juice extraction. The juicer works with a pressure-activated cone. Also, a dust cover comes along with the package. The Braun Citromatic MPZ6 Juicer machine has a powerful 20-watt motor perfect for the juicing of citrus fruits.

Making juice:

To operate the Citromatic juicer, simply, place your half piece of the citrus flat side down (means that you are having the peel in your hand) and press down the citrus onto the star-shaped reamer. Now, the reamer will start to rotate, juicing the citrus. The reamer automatically stops rotating, when you remove the pressure. The rotation varies between clockwise and counterclockwise directions depending upon how long you have been reaming one piece of fruit.

Having the head rotate in both directions accounts for efficient juicing of the fruits. The juice first pools into a plastic screen provided to take out seeds and most but not all of the pulp, and then drains into a small bowl. The advantage is that you do not have to gnaw upon the leftover pulp inside the peels when you are done with the Citromatic. Also when making grapefruit juice, we found it left a lot of the pulp inside the peel, while lemon and orange peel came quite clean.

The pulp that remains in the strainer will be great for those recipes requiring fruit pulp and you can get it quite effortlessly. The strainer leaves it on the ridge and you can just scoop it up. Remove the jug from the motor block before you serve the juice.

Bowl with scale:

The bowl is fairly small that can hold a little over 350 ml (12 fl. oz) or about one and a half cups. This may appear like a small volume and we suppose for large families who want fresh-squeezed lime or orange juice all around. But it is quite fine for two people who use it for juicing lemons and limes for cooking or as mixers. There is a calibrated scale on the transparent plastic bowl to indicate the amount of juice accumulated. However, there is no lid included for the MPZ 6 20-Watts Citrus juicer.

Easy to clean & assemble:

As for washing, it was quick and easy for us. The strainer is made of plastic and pretty easy to wash. It fits well over the container and consists of a big hole in the top having a plastic ridge. It still achieves its purpose but there are no ridges that are difficult to clean. Last of all is the cone part that goes on top; this is where you can place your fruit and it rotates back and forth to juice. Cleaning, it doesn’t seem like a problem at all. Once you are done with the washing, you can put it back together in no time. We retorted the cone into the strainer and it sat on top of the container. We then set it on the base, which was also simple and then plugged it in. You need not even have to remove the cone and strainer, as they worked like a lid. The strainer has somewhat like a handle that goes well over the handle of the container and it works like a charm.

Dishwasher safe:

The juicing head, pulp filter and bowl can all go in the dishwasher and clean up very quickly. The plastic parts seem to have all held up pretty well, with only the most superficial of usual wear on the bowl and no damage of note.

Cable storage:

The base unit is too small that it fits under the bowl completely and rarely needs any cleaning at all. There is practical cord storage on the bottom of the appliance that ensures the cables are kept in place, so it will not clutter your cupboard and also provide maximum safety. Remove the jug from the motor block to unwind as much cord as you need.


One of the plus points of the juicer is the cord. The cord has a nice, long length for you to move your juicer around the counter freely. Also, when you are finished using it, the electric cord wraps around the base unit and nicely tucks into a groove provided to hold it for a neat appearance and compact storage.

Item Description:

  • Motor block
  • Pulp scale
  • Jug
  • Strainer
  • Cone
  • Cord storage


The manufacturer warrants the Braun Multiquick 3 Citrus Juicer (MPZ 6) to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year.

Use & Care:

Never put motor block in water or other liquid. Always remember to unplug the appliance before cleaning.


The juicer is quite efficient, in that it can give you 12 ounces of juice out of 3 large seedless orange and you can juice dozens of limes or lemons at a time for cocktail ingredients. The bottom-line is that the MPZ 6 does not take up much space. The only downside is that you have to be careful or you might chip the pulper when you are washing up, which is not a big issue at all. Having said that, most customers have had it for years with only one chip that is still going strong.

Braun MPZ 6 Pulp Control Juicer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Braun
Model Name Braun Multiquick 3 Citrus Juicer (MPZ 6)
Juicing method Citromatic Citrus Press (Reamer-type Electric juice maker)
Suitable for juicing Citrus: Mandarins, Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons/Limes
Model Number MPZ6
Colour/Finish White
Motor Power 20 watt
Adjustable pulp control Yes
Anti-drip spout No
Motor No
Loading No
Left & right rotation (Auto-rotate for better extraction) 2 speed settings
Start/Stop automatic No
Capacity 1000 ml (32 fl. oz)
Bowl with scale (detachable) Yes
Presses directly into the glass/cup No
Cover Lid No
Cable Storage Yes
Instruction Manual Yes
Level of Use Easy
Cleaning Level Easy
Assembly Level Easy
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Cleaning (Motor Block) Damp Cloth Only
Open handle No
Removable juicer Top Yes
Dust cover Yes
Pressure activated cone Yes
Housing material Plastic
Item Description Motor block
Pulp scale
Cord storage
Dimensions Height: 9 inches
Diameter: 6-1/2 inches
Weight 1.4kg
Warranty 1 year


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