Best Juicer Machine Reviews In 2021 – Best Affordable Juicer For Kitchen

Welcome to the site for buying a juicer that meets your quick demands but you must review the best juicer machine first to make the right decision. You can browse the lineups of juicers, varying from the manual ones to the automatic juicers. Besides this, there is a great deal of variation in the size, dimension, construction, ease of use, capacity, filtering system, speed controls, processing time, and quick cleaning options. Although, these features vary based on the price margin and the type. If you are a citrus fruit lover, you can squeeze even the last drop of juice from the various citrus juicers available from makers like Braun and Waring. Within this category also, you get the option of manual and electric and are constructed using either steel or plastic components. The citrus juicers differ in their dimension of the juicing cone that can take small and large types of citrus fruits and in the consistency of the juice.

We have an ample selection of wheatgrass juicers for sprouts and other greens. These are exclusively dedicated for wheatgrass and might not support other vegetables or fruits. The centrifugal juicers nearly complete the ability to take in all the fruits and vegetables. We have the range of centrifugal juicers, which differ in their pulp ejection technique, lengthwise variation in the size of the feeder, and the RPM.

We in our review discuss the design of the juicer with respect to parameters like the compactness, weight, parts of the juicer, and the finish. We cover the features such as the speed settings, micromesh filter, and specific advantages in some of the juicers like the non-slip feet, dishwasher safe, etc. We give the user information regarding the power consumption, cleaning, and maintenance demands. You also get an in-depth idea of several other points by reading the detailed specification table.

Andrew James Electric Lever Action Citrus Juicer

Juicers might give you a feel of large appliances but these special citrus juicers are compact, interesting, user friendly, and suit all types of citrus fruits. Andrew James is a popular brand that always ensures better-looking appliance which lasts longer and gives a good value for money. So it winds the battle among the competitive products. Andrew James Electric Lever Action Citrus Juicer can outsmart many products which call for the necessity to read this review to know the product in detail.


The three key aspects which carry a positive approach to this model are the looks that have been sharpened contemporarily. The innovative technology with the lever-action and the unique electronic revolving cone design makes the other two important key aspects. The design is a combination of stainless steel finish with the black color. It takes a cylinder shape that is convenient for use.

Power and Control:

Andrew James Stainless Steel Finish Citrus Juicer works with the power of 85 Watts which is much of energy saving. It works to extract the maximum juice in the citrus fruit and it is applicable to handle any type of citrus fruit and in different sizes. The control is a simple power on which sets the juicer to function in a single-speed with dual rotation.

Product Features:

Innovative lever action along with the electronic revolving cone design works together to extract the maximum juice. It is also easy to handle and can be operated with maximum hygiene. Stainless steel housing is elegant and also promises a durable construction. The cylindrical design is easy to handle and does make cleaning simple.

The juice extracted is collected and distributed to the pouring spout and the spout gives an anti-drip function hence keeps the surrounding clean and splash-free. The base of the appliance has non-slip rubber feet which hold the juicer firmly without slipping in the smooth surface.

This model operated silently and its quiet operation turns to be a welcoming reason to settle with this product. When it comes to cleaning the parts are detachable and hence it makes cleaning a cakewalk.


Fundamentally, Andrew James Electric Lever Action 85 Watts Citrus Juicer is a likable one that grabs the attention of stainless steel lovers. The finish is elegant which keeps it scratches free ensuring its charm for a longer time. The big picture here is the innovative technology which would surely appeal to wider customers. This global brand does ensure to being in the reliable silent model which is a well off to shout about it positively. The energy efficiency does take it to new heights. Although this product is limited to fewer functions it serves a great demand and is hardly any to count on the cons.

Villaware FPVLJESL01 Juice Extractor Review

Juicing becomes a fun experience when it is supported with the right appliance. One of the most comfortable and innovative juicers is been introduced by this world-class brand Villaware. Villaware the Italian brand with a long heritage since 1906 is sure a recommendable brand for its outstanding innovation and craftsmanship. Each of its products is designed with innovation, convenience, and appeal by design. The following is the review of the Villaware FPVLJESL01 Die Cast Metal Juice Extractor to bring out the finer features and function.


For passionate juicers, this model comes as a big treat for its stylish design, simple assembling, efficient juicing, and altogether the foam separator. This model is been made with a die-cast metal motor base makes it durable. The dimension of 440mm in height, 350mm in width and 230mm in depth makes it a suitable size. The weight is 5.8kg that makes it easy to handle. The control panel is with a single knob that sets in on/off position and speed selection of one or two-level. The indicator light illuminated in amber to give intimation that make it best juicer machine.

Power and Capacity:

Present in Villaware FPVLJESL01 Centrifugal Juice Extractor is an efficient motor that functions with 2-speed selection and it has the power of 1000 Watts. The juice container can accommodate the capacity of 1-liter juice and the pulp container can fill up to 1.5 liters hence it gives a longer juicer of larger volume.


  • A durable die-cast metal body makes it appear sturdy and robust. It is also a look enhancer as it brings out the contemporary appearance. It makes up the style for the appliance and can also be wiped cleaner with less maintenance effort.
  • 2-speed control and the quiet motor performance are few other features that set it apart from the rest. Putting it to operation is simple and so is the assembling.
  • An extra-large opening allows you to load the whole fruit and vegetable there is no requirement to slice or cut as the opening is wide and is possible to accept whole fruit.
  • Sliding quick-release lock allows disassembling with simple steps. It can easily be used in a dishwasher for cleaning. The removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Front-loading juice pitcher easily collected the juice and it does come with the foam separator.

Innovative features:

Extra-large food opening and Foam separator are the highlights of this model. When the juice extractor separates the juice and the pulp that is collected in the cup and the pulp collector respectively the juice collector also has the foam separator and gives clear and pure juice.

Accessories and Warranty:

The accessories that are been supplied along with Villaware FPVLJESL01 1000 Watts Juice Extractor are a Cleaning tool, a 1-liter juice collecting cup, and an Instruction manual. It also has the advantage of 3 years guarantee that makes it easier for the user to choose this product.

Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer Review

This model is a petite juicer that is been designed with attraction. It is embedded with a motor for its function. This juicer is the perfect solution for citrus fruits. The color is attractive with the silver finish with the black accent. The jug is transparent and does have a convenient handle. The following is the review of Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Citrus Juicer which brings out more details on it.


This model is best suited for citrus fruits and it functions with the pressure-activated cone. It squeezes in no time and the cone turns on both the direction on the release and press of the cone. It is applicable for the oranges, lemon, and sweet lime of any size as it comes with the accessory of two cone sizes.

Design and Capacity:

The prime attraction of Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV 1 Litre Citrus Juicer is surely the design; it comes in the jug style with a wide base. The base consists of the motor and it stands firmly on any even surface. The base has a combination of silver and black finish. It is made of high-grade plastic and silicone material. The juice jug of 1-liter capacity is perfect to accommodate the squeezed-out juice for the whole family.

Product Features:

An adjustable pulp strainer is available which can be adjusted with a knob that moves the strainer holes to change their size. Based on the requirement of clear or pulpy juice the stainer can be adjusted. The easy-read fill indicator is another highlight as the jug comes with a calibrated scale that reads up to 1 liter. It allows the user to follow the juice requirement and hence over or under doing can be eliminated. The automatic on/off function with a one-touch operation makes it simple and user-friendly. It is quite simple to use and the auto-rotate feature helps to extract more juice in rather less time.

Other Product Details:

Salter Precise SDP-CJ101SV Silver  Citrus Juicer is simple to use and also easy to clean. There is rather no need for any additional tool as the juicer can easily be detached. Each of the parts can be easily washed clean. The parts other than the motor are dishwasher safe. The handle present in the juicer makes it simple to serve without spills. It is designed with cord storage which just winds at the base of the appliance which gives compact storage. The top lid is also present in this model which protects the appliance from dust when not in use; it can be maintained with better hygiene.

On the whole, juicing is an important aspect of daily nutrition and when it is been supported with such an efficient appliance it becomes fun and loving. This model also makes a great gifting idea.

Philips HR1858/91 Pure Essentials 650 Watt Juicer

Philips makes itself a distinguished brand that works focused on technology innovation and service.  They are one of the world leaders in the segment of lighting, health care, and lifestyle. Juicers are definitely a boon to the kitchen and when it comes from such a leading brand ‘Philips’ it is sure to bring in more style, health, and convenience. The following is the review of Philips HR1858/91 Pure Essentials 650 Watt Juicer which gives more details on the product features and functions.


This model transforms the juicing functions from boredom to excitement. This is because of its powerful motor, extra-large capacity, innovative technology, and unique filtering systems.  It is also possible to get more juice than the conventional models. The speed controls make the juicing process quicker than before. Feeding the fruits and vegetables requires no pre-cutting. Further cleaning is also made simple with its dishwasher-safe parts.

Design Details:

Elegant by appearance makes Philips HR1858/91 Centrifugal Juicer blend easily with the contemporary kitchen. It has black color housing with a red accent finish which makes it gain a professional look. This model is been designed using different materials the jug is made up of  SAN, the lid is made up of SAN, the pulp container and pusher is made of PP spout & stainless steel housing ABS. The weight and the size of the product make it a portable one. The control is present on the front bottom with a single control knob which allows the juicer to switch on and to choose between the speeds. The base of this model comes with non-slip feet that make it best juicer machine.

Technical Details:

This model works with electric power with a voltage of 220-240 volts. This consists of a powerful motor of 650 watts. The length of the cord that is been supplied is 1.2 meters. The capacity of the pulp container is 2 liters and the juice jug is 1250ml. The feeding tube is 75mm in diameter.


Making more juice is possible with an extra-large juice capacity and hence it can handle the juicing requirements for the whole family without the need of emptying it in-between. The extra-large feeding tube allows you to feed the fruits and vegetables as full size without the need of pre-cutting and hence it saves on time and energy. The juicing function is quicker and easier with its multiple-speed controls. The 2-speed controls can be chosen for the soft and the hard fruits respectively. Another interesting aspect is the micro-mesh filter which is made of stainless steel material. This helps to give clear juice. The filter can also be removed and cleaned easily. All the parts that are removable are dishwasher save.


The other related features are the integrated cord storage which gives a neat appearance and can also be stored in the cupboard compactly when not in use. Philips HR1858/91 Pure Essentials Black Colour Juicer also consists of safety clamps that eliminate accidental opening. The non-slip feet and the transparent juice jug come as an advantage. This model is been supplied with a recipe booklet.

Juice producer KT100 Juicer Review

Juice producer is an enterprise based in London that introduces this model with unique features. This model gives ease of cleaning, ease of use, good yield of juice, nominal power, and lavish warranty. It suits domestic use and to a certain extent for small commercial use too. The following is the review of Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer and it brings out more details.


The highlight of this model is the juicing function with the unique action. It works in the masticating style and with the vertical format single auger type. It works at a low speed and helps to extract the maximum juice of the content. The housing of Juiceproducer KT100 250 Watts Juicer is white with green color which blends naturally with the environment. The dimension is 175 x 250 x 410mm and it weighs 5.5kg net. The chute is pretty large and it measures 38 x 70mm which is in kidney shape that prominent it as best juicer machine.


This KT100 Centrifugal juicer which is been designed in the vertical style has a large feed tube. This functions with the slow turning which produces a good yield of juice. It does come with a counter-rotating silicon blade which helps in juicing functions. The feeding is rather easy here as the gravity does the partial job. This juicer is also quite flexible as it juices anything from pear to root vegetable and it also does a great job for leafy vegetables.


  • Dual-stage extraction is possible as it first crushes and even before the pulp is been ejected it squeezes out giving out the dry pulp.
  • The functioning and the technology prove that this model is capable of yielding more than 50% of the juice in less time when compared to the centrifugal juicers.
  • This is quite economical and it gives the best out of the fruits. The time is taken and the squeezing ability makes it economical.
  • Cleaning is another consideration for such appliance and the good news here is that by simply pouring water the juicer automatically cleans itself and hence it saves on time.
  • This juicer is compact and it occupies less space compared to most centrifugal juicers. It also gives silent operation as the noise is minimized by squeezing slowly as it does not grind at high speed like the function of the centrifugal juicers.

Technical Details:

The juice yield for about one kilogram of carrots is 645ml and for one kilogram of apples, it is 910ml. This model is also suitable for the making of nut milk, soups, and smoothies. The power consumption is 250 Watts which is quite nominal. With the low noise emission, it proves a step ahead compared to most models. Overall this model is been rated 10 out of 10 for the ease of operation and again the same high score for the ease of cleaning. It serves a great domestic use and to a certain extends for commercial use too.


The manufacturer of Juiceproducer KT100 Compact Juicer offers a warranty for the period of 10 years for the motor and 5 years for the parts when it is operated for domestic use. In case of putting it to commercial use, the warranty period is for 1 year to stand out as its best juicer machine.

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